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How is Unix used today? Tags: unix linux

Unix is a multi-user operating system, it was written in a high-level programming language. Unix is everywhere. It was developed at Bell Labs in the 1970s by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson. Most installation files are shell scripts in Unix world and this helps to copy files in proper locations. Internet servers (including data centers for Amazon or Google) are running on Linux. Most smartphone OS (iOS and Android) are derived from Unix and MacOSX. Approach Unix Training in Chennai and learn more about Unix.

Unix offers more control to your systems, you can schedule anything in the minimum duration. Shell scripting is a part of Unix Shells and it originally uses external commands. It provides you an interface with Unix OS, learn how to work in this field with the guidance of FITA Academy. Experts from top companies offer training to the candidates with real-time examples. Use this opportunity and enhance your skills in the short span of time.

Unix Networking and Communications

Networking is mandatory for Unix, it offers tools and commands to diagnose the errors in networking. Unix helps to you sort all the data.

Linux Networking Commands

  1. Ifconfig
  2. dig
  3. traceroute
  4. nslookup
  5. telnet
  6. netstat
  7. w
  8. scp
  9. Enable/Disable Network Interface
  10. Nmap

If you want to become a software developer or tester, then you should have a strong knowledge in Unix basics like using text editors, issuing compile commands, using IDEs, changing directory, running a program, etc.

Get an in-depth knowledge in Unix via Unix course in Chennai. If you want to become a System Administrator, you should know Unix language fully. It requires insight knowledge in of network management, disk space handling, Memory management, CPU usage handling and process management.

Android, Mac OS and iOS are based on Unix. Microsoft is now launching Android phones and if you check the worldwide usage of tablets, smartphones you will found that iOS and Android are the lion share. Unix is close to Microsoft market share and it is used in more than three decades. Here is the list of Unix pros.

Pros of Unix

  1. Unix is more stable.
  2. Unix has greater permissions features and built-in security than windows.
  3. Unix is a leader in the Web server. 80% of the internet relies on Unix Operating System.
  4. Unix installed on different types of machines, supercomputers, mainframe computers and micro-computers.
  5. Unix inspires novel approaches for software design.

Learn more and achieve more.

Importance of cloud computing in business Tags: cloud computing

Cloud computing consists of software and hardware resource. Cloud computing depends on high-end networks of server computers and advanced software applications. Cloud computing has several types, it also includes virtual information technology, software and network storage.  

Companies are now depending on the cloud, it allows users to store data that inclusive of contacts, media files, calendar information and document emails. Know more about cloud process via Cloud computing Training in Chennai. Experts approach is helpful for you to learn everything about the cloud.

IaaS and PaaS

Nowadays companies prefer IaaS-Infrastructure as a Service, it saves money on the business investment. PaaS provides a framework for developers which help to create customized applications.

Infrastructure as a Service is shortly called as IaaS. It is sometimes called as hardware-as-a-service, it is a cloud business model that allows utility approach and it is used for Storage, Hardware computing, analytics, database, networking and much more.

Why to prefer cloud computing?


With the support of cloud computing, a user can get back their data as without any loss.


Cloud computing runs on the worldwide network. Cloud computing regularly updates the latest version of applications. With cloud support, you can share your data with others with high security through an internet connection.


Cloud computing usually provides self-service for all. According to the recent survey, 69 percent of business prefer cloud computing in one capacity. Day by Day cloud computing gives lots of benefits to the people, so know more about cloud with FITA Academy guidance.

Major data usage of cloud computing

A few years back, cloud computing is the topmost technologies in the business world. With cloud support, a user can send data from one to another with high security. Without exact authorization, no one is going to open your account. Cloud computing enables government database, business enterprise eliminates unwanted data.

Cloud security

Security is the major concern for every corporation. Wherever in the world, a user can access their data with cloud support. Get start to learn more about cloud through Cloud computing courses in Chennai. Once learning cloud computing course will definitely be helpful to get a great job in the cloud world. Here are the lists of cloud security controls:

  1. Preventive controls
  2. Deterrent controls
  3. Corrective controls
  4. Detective controls

Cloud Storage

A maximum level of cloud storage is 600 EB (Exabytes). This is considered as one million gigabytes. Every line of code, email, picture, song, attachment, video, etc. ends up in the cloud. Update yourself with more innovations, it is difficult to survive in this competitive world. Learn more and achieve more.

Hope this helps.

Urologist: What they can do for you? Tags: urologist treatment

A urologist is a doctor specializes in urinary tract and male reproductive system. If you are suffering from bladder infections, urethra, adrenal glands, kidneys and ureters. For men, urologist treats some disorders related to testes, prostate, penis, seminal vesicles and much more. Get some suggestion from experts at Best Urology Hospital in Chennai, specialist guide you to maintain your health.

When should I visit urologist?

Urinary Tract Infections: This represents if the bacteria migrate from digestive tract to the urethra. Nausea, Fever, Chills, Incontinence, Vomiting are the symptoms of urology.  Usually, women will suffer these type of problems.

Male Fertility: This shows the damage to sperm disorders and male reproductive tract. Getting treatment from the best doctors will help you to cure your problems in the short span of time.

Incontinence: Malfunction in the urinary system which leads to loss of bladder control. For women, this leads to weakening of pelvic floor during pregnancy time.

Prostatitis: Inflammation or Infection of the prostate cause ejaculation or painful urination and it should be chronic.

Ureteral Stones: Small deposits are made from mineral and acid salts, it will pass into the ureters. It also causes, pain, nausea and vomiting

Cancers: Testicles, kidneys, bladder and prostate gland that affects the urinary system and it leads to cancer.

Renal Transplantation: If the person needs to transplant their kidney only if it fails.

Urologic Oncology: Treatment of cancer-related to urological and male reproductive system such as prostate cancer and bladder cancer.

Kidney disease: Kidney damage leads to swelling in hands and ankles. Best Urologist in Chennai is the right place to get treatment for urinary infections.

In what condition, you need to consult with the urologist?

For men, urologist treat

1. Prostate glands, kidneys, testicles, cancer in the bladder

2. Infertility

3. Kidney diseases

4. Erectile dysfunction

5. Interstitial cystitis

6. Kidney stones

7. Kidney diseases

8. Prostate gland enlargement

For Women, Urologist treat

1. Urinary incontinence

2. Kidney Stones

3. Bladder prolapse

For children, Urologist treat

1. Undescended testicles

2. Bed-wetting

3. Problems in urinary tract structure

Before treatment, doctors test all your reports like MRI scan, CT scan, etc as what problem do you really have on your urinary tract. They also perform cystoscopy, that helps to see inside of your bladder and urethra.

Visit here for more about Urologist treatment: Urologist in Velachery

Solar Power Plant
Category: General
Tags: Solar Installation Solar Power plant

Solar Power is the new type of electricity generation. Almost 73 gigawatts of solar power has been installed in 2016. Wind energy occupies second place (55GW), followed by coal, gas and hydro. Solar is definitely profitable, success in solar energy gives a long-term commitment to you.

Solar energy is a burning light but hard for fossil fuels

Solar panels are everywhere, it helps a farmer to pump the groundwater for their work. India plays a leading role in developing solar power. The cost of 1 KW without using the battery is Rs.70,000-75,00o, but in Rooftop, you will get more income. Each and every minute solar energy business is getting popular.

If you are interested to set solar power plant and you want to earn a big profit in your project, step into Solar Consulting Companies in India. Experts at Valkan guide you to set the power plant in the short span of time.

The building of new energy 2018

Nuclear, bio-energy, Geothermal and solar thermal are low emission technologies that have small market shares.

Solar power generation is mandatory to share clean and renewable energy because it is cost-effective among renewable power generation technologies. Solar power is the most attractive option for electrical energy production in distributed and grid-connected modes. It is usually done with two systems, they are concentrating solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) systems. CSP technologies such as linear Fresnel reflectors, solar dish and parabolic trough are gaining momentum for large-scale generation using power engines. PV technologies such as Organic/inorganic, multijunction solar cells and thin film solar cells are the increasing trend in backup energy generation systems.

What is Solar Electricity?

The photovoltaic module helps to make electricity from sunlight. Saving electricity is helpful to charge your batteries, run your home appliances, etc. Electricity is transferred from one to another place via extensive networks. To start a new project in solar power you need to know what are the components required to do this project. Before starting this project, you need to know how to install, build and set up your solar energy system. If you have any dought Solar Companies in India will guide you to do all those processes in the minimal duration.

Components of your Solar Power System

1.        Solar Power Converter

2.      Battery Charge Controller

3.       Backup Power

4.      Solar Power Meter

5.      Deep Cycle Batteries

6.      Solar Panels

7.      Solar Array Disconnect

Pros of installing Solar Panels on your home

1.      Reduce Energy Bills

2.      Helps to save money

3.      Earn Tax credits

Learn how to set up and test solar power plants via Solar Power Plant Testing. Specialist guidance at Valkan is helpful to learn all about the solar power plant.

Also visit: Solar Installation Companies

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