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Importance of Software Testing Training
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Software testing process is quite difficult to get a successful application. The whole success of the application depends on the proper functioning that gets only through the successful testing. That’s why the software tester role becomes very essential in IT industry.  Whatever may be the application without testing it doesn’t give the satisfaction to the customer because only through the testing only you can check the proper functioning of the application. Software testers have a great role and responsibility to check the application thoroughly before it enters into the user. Thus, when you enter into the testing field, you must go with proper skills and knowledge with the practical knowledge, many training institutes offers the best Software Testing Training in Chennai.

Importance of Testing

·         Cost of fixing the bug is high if the error is not fixed in the early stage

·         Only the quality product remains longer in the industry to ensure this testing software is imperative in SDLC.

·         Also in the view of end users, software testers check the browser compatibility

Get the training from the institute who understands the roles and responsibilities of software testers. Software Testing jobs in India is increasing every day also they are paid well as per their knowledge. Learn all the modules from each and every angle.  Software tester role is highly demandable and FITA Software Testing Course fulfills the requirements of the role. Make sure that you learn the concepts with the tools and techniques that are highly demandable in the market. FITA Academy not only focuses on successful training but also in placement, FITA placement team highly focus on placement from the well reputed MNC.

In today’s world, competition and demands are heavy and the only way to stay unique is to have skills and knowledge that are unmatched by others. So choosing the best Software Training Institutes in Chennai for the best education to start your career in Software testing is more essential.  

Thus, whatever may be the business, the essential thing is user satisfaction, and for that testing is a key role to make this happen. Stay connected for more updates.

Hadoop BigData Training in Chennai
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Tags: Hadoop Training Big Data Training Hadoop Certification Hadoop Course

Hadoop is an open source and also handles Big Data platform for users to track customer behaviour in real time. Hadoop mainly focus on their customer behavior when using a website and then put up relevant information or a product. At JPM Edu Solutions, we have designed Hadoop Big Data Training in Chennai to ensure that you are exposed, both in theory and practice, to the best and latest trends in the industry. Contact at +91 7550194475

Big Data Training in Chennai
Category: General
Tags: Hadoop Training Big Data Training Hadoop Certification Hadoop Course

There is a high requirement for processing zettabytes of unstructured big data is generating massive demand for professional with excellent Hadoop skills to work with unstructured data. It would be quite difficult to learn Hadoop, but our FITA Big Data Training program help you to learn Hadoop certification very easily with help of real-time projects.  If you learn Hadoop Training in Chennai it will be helpful to meet the competitive advantage. There are lots of career opportunities for Hadoop professionals are promising across different business industries, from sports, financial firms to retailers, agriculture, energy, healthcare and media. The candidate who has completed certification from Hadoop Training Chennai is eligible to apply for the positions such as Hadoop Administrator, Hadoop Developer, Data Analysts, and Data Scientist and Big data architect. Enroll in our Best Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai to get huge benefits from Big Data industry for more details make a call @98404-11333.

Urologist: What they can do for you? Tags: urologist treatment

A urologist is a doctor specializes in urinary tract and male reproductive system. If you are suffering from bladder infections, urethra, adrenal glands, kidneys and ureters. For men, urologist treats some disorders related to testes, prostate, penis, seminal vesicles and much more. Get some suggestion from experts at Best Urology Hospital in Chennai, specialist guide you to maintain your health.

When should I visit urologist?

Urinary Tract Infections: This represents if the bacteria migrate from digestive tract to the urethra. Nausea, Fever, Chills, Incontinence, Vomiting are the symptoms of urology.  Usually, women will suffer these type of problems.

Male Fertility: This shows the damage to sperm disorders and male reproductive tract. Getting treatment from the best doctors will help you to cure your problems in the short span of time.

Incontinence: Malfunction in the urinary system which leads to loss of bladder control. For women, this leads to weakening of pelvic floor during pregnancy time.

Prostatitis: Inflammation or Infection of the prostate cause ejaculation or painful urination and it should be chronic.

Ureteral Stones: Small deposits are made from mineral and acid salts, it will pass into the ureters. It also causes, pain, nausea and vomiting

Cancers: Testicles, kidneys, bladder and prostate gland that affects the urinary system and it leads to cancer.

Renal Transplantation: If the person needs to transplant their kidney only if it fails.

Urologic Oncology: Treatment of cancer-related to urological and male reproductive system such as prostate cancer and bladder cancer.

Kidney disease: Kidney damage leads to swelling in hands and ankles. Best Urologist in Chennai is the right place to get treatment for urinary infections.

In what condition, you need to consult with the urologist?

For men, urologist treat

1. Prostate glands, kidneys, testicles, cancer in the bladder

2. Infertility

3. Kidney diseases

4. Erectile dysfunction

5. Interstitial cystitis

6. Kidney stones

7. Kidney diseases

8. Prostate gland enlargement

For Women, Urologist treat

1. Urinary incontinence

2. Kidney Stones

3. Bladder prolapse

For children, Urologist treat

1. Undescended testicles

2. Bed-wetting

3. Problems in urinary tract structure

Before treatment, doctors test all your reports like MRI scan, CT scan, etc as what problem do you really have on your urinary tract. They also perform cystoscopy, that helps to see inside of your bladder and urethra.

Visit here for more about Urologist treatment: Urologist in Velachery

Best Places to visit in Tamil Nadu Tags: car rental chennai car rental


Travelling gives you the best feel forever. From child to adults loves traveling. Azure seas, swaying fields, uber cool lounges, high cascading waterfalls, lofty shopping malls and rolling mountains is the best destinations you should visit. Chennai is the most popular city, it is adorned with beaches, churches, museums, amusement parks and temples. Offering all the comforts to the people, Chennai is the best place to visit in TamilNadu.

Ideal for shopping, pilgrimage, gastronomic tours, etc. Enjoy the sunsets in the morning, spiced-right food, long coasts, etc. I am sure you will definitely enjoy all those places in Chennai. Hire a car from Car Rentals in Chennai and feel the traveling experience.


Around one and a half an hour from Chennai, you will find the beach on the east coast – Mahabalipuram (it is also known as Mamallapuram). It has lots of attractions they are Arjuna’s Penance, Shore Temple, Five Rathas, etc.  


It is located on Palar River. Vellore is also known as Fort City. This city has historic relevance and it was housed by Tipu Sultan’s family. Apart from the Fort, there are lots of places to visit in Vellore, various temples with good attractions of architecture, craftsmanship and carvings.


Yelagiri is the best place for trekking and it is located in Vellore district. It is surrounded by green valleys, rose gardens and orchards. It is one of the topmost places to enjoy with your family members and friends. Trekking to Swami Malai Hills through dense forests gives you the best feeling ever.


Chidambaram is the famous place which is located in eastern part of Tamil Nadu. It is situated in Cuddalore District with the distance of 250 km. Lord Nataraja is the famous temple which is located in Chidambaram, people will follow some traditions which was taught by their ancients. Most of the people visit these places and feel the good experience. Enjoy every moment and boost yourself by visiting this type of places.


Vedanthangal is located in Mahabalipuram district. It is a bird sanctuary, almost 30,000 birds are living in that sanctuary. Spoonbills, Egrets, ibises, storks are the common migratory birds which live in the forest.


Tirupati has lots of tourist places to visit. Plan an amazing trip to Tirupati by booking Chennai to Tirupati Car Rentals. If you are planning a pilgrimage, then Tirupati would be a great destination. Tirumala Temple is the richest temple in the world and the Tirumala Hills in Tirupati is the second largest mountain in the world. Plan your trip now and enjoy your vacations with unforgettable moments.

Let’s plan your trip by booking a car from Spice Car Rental. Visit any tourist places by booking a car from Chennai Car Rental at an affordable price or just visit our web for further information.

Also Visit: Chennai to Tirupati Car Rental

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