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Hadoop BigData Training in Chennai
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Tags: Hadoop Training Big Data Training Hadoop Certification Hadoop Course

Hadoop is an open source and also handles Big Data platform for users to track customer behaviour in real time. Hadoop mainly focus on their customer behavior when using a website and then put up relevant information or a product.†At JPM Edu Solutions, we have designed†Hadoop Big Data Training in Chennai to ensure that you are exposed, both in theory and practice, to the best and latest trends in the industry. Contact at†+91 7550194475

Big Data Training in Chennai
Category: General
Tags: Hadoop Training Big Data Training Hadoop Certification Hadoop Course

There is a high requirement for processing zettabytes of unstructured big data is generating massive demand for professional with excellent Hadoop skills to work with unstructured data. It would be quite difficult to learn Hadoop, but our FITA Big Data Training program help you to learn Hadoop certification very easily with help of real-time projects.† If you learn Hadoop Training in Chennai it will be helpful to meet the competitive advantage. There are lots of career opportunities for Hadoop professionals are promising across different business industries, from sports, financial firms to retailers, agriculture, energy, healthcare and media. The candidate who has completed certification from Hadoop Training Chennai is eligible to apply for the positions such as Hadoop Administrator, Hadoop Developer, Data Analysts, and Data Scientist and Big data architect. Enroll in our Best Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai to get huge benefits from Big Data industry for more details make a call @98404-11333.

Oracle Training in Chennai Tags: oracle database

The primary benefits of learning Oracle database, an individual can store and view their data as whenever they required. Oracle Technology Network (OTN) community is active nowadays. Oracle uses queries to fetch the data. Database Management is the most lucrative fields in todayís world.† Every company has large volumes of data, it should be effectively, efficiently, securely managed by Oracle cloud. Oracle database is the best database system which is recognized by worldwide. Learning Oracle is worth for the people and it has many advantages like continuous version update, backup and recovery, good performance, portable and many more. People who are looking to enroll in Oracle domain can approach FITA. Each and every concept has been explained clearly with on-going projects. 10+ years of experienced professionals guide the candidates with real-time examples. For further details just make a call @9840411333 or visit the web.

Tags:†Oracle course in Chennai | Oracle Training | Oracle Training Institute in Chennai | Oracle DBA Training in Chennai

Data Science course in Chennai Tags: data science

Every business needs huge data which includes dimensions, transactional, sales, marketing, inventory and much more. Learn C, C++, Java, Python, R Programming, SQL and become an expert in the data scientist, data science includes data analytics. Enroll now @FITA for data science course, once getting training from the reputed institute will definitely to land a great profession with good salary package. Data Scientist creates huge impact in all industries, you can also go into Finance, Healthcare, Banking, E-Commerce and Retail industries. In the current scenario, there is a huge demand for data scientist so learn today. Data Science helps companies to improve their business growth, for further details call us to 9840411333.

Tags:†Data Analytics courses in Chennai | Data Science Training in Chennai | Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai

3 Ways of Using Big Data in Restaurants to Work Better & Gain More
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Big data has been the talk of the town regarding its abilities for almost everything from economics to healing diseases. Although, it is also said to be some businesses which can use it very efficiently to understand better about the requirements of their customers, how people are engaged with the companies they use, and where their marketing is successful. Take up Hadoop Training in Chennai to enhance your skills.

The restaurant business is no special. When small, individual restaurants cannot collect more data by themselves, they may use external data throughout factors which affect their customers to view things, for example, when they sell more of a definite menu item, if the weather is considered to be good, or if people book tables for huge parties during holidays.†

Bigger restaurant chains can use the information they collect with their own systems such as point of the sale systems like Cake POS, to look at how famous certain things are average spend in various restaurant branches on several days and much more. Hadoop Training Chennai gives you greater knowledge which helps you build a bright future.

Below are the 3 ways that the restaurants use Big Data

Menu Advancement

You may not only look where certain items are familiar or unfamiliar but also where certain tweaks are enquired for usually. Do people frequently demand for a dish without its usual rich, creamy sauce? It is better to add a lighter option to the menu. Is your vegan menu item the least popular among your customers? Maybe those who are vegan are not visiting your restaurant due to lack of vegan items in the menu or may be your brand doesnít hit the market and you can drop it altogether. Big data could help you make these menu tweaks. There are lot of institutes who offers the best Big Data Training in Chennai. Grab the opportunity and spend your quality time for that.


Restaurants may also use big data analysis to identify when and where a special offer is productive, or which the customers have not been back for some time and must be targeted with an offer. To implement this, restaurants must be able to tie purchases or bookings to people, so they can view who hasnít or has received the offer. A simple method to execute this with a loyalty program, that customer can register for. Almost loyalty programs in all sectors are hugely utilized for data attribution.


A restaurant does not need to sell a popular wine or an ingredient which is necessary to a dish if there occurs a rush, and data may be used to foresee this. If you run a unique seafood dish, does white wine becomes popular as it pairs better? Will people order way more of a menu that is given while it is cold, Data helps foresee the trends of sales and permits you to stock up better.

There are various data analysis applications which can make restaurants more effective and help them plead even more to their customers, but the above ways are some better examples of how big data is used in the sector.

Explore the renowned institutes to take up Big Data Training for your career enhancement. Hope this article gives you information which is useful.

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